Refund Policy

As soon as you apply for Canadian eTA, our team processes the due fee payment for your application. Because of that, no refund request of the service fee will be accepted.

We operate on a 24-hour processing schedule and all orders are processed within that time frame. Should you have any problems with your order you must contact us at [email protected] WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving your order confirmation. Any refund requests, order disputes, or any other order-related queries will not be entertained after 24 hours. Please note, in the interest of security of your data, we do not receive any eTA visas from the Canadian Government to us, after processing your application the outcome of your eta visa application depends entirely on the Canadian government and we have no control (nor do we guarantee) over the acceptance/non-acceptance of applications. If you did not receive your visa within 24-48 hours of applying we recommend applying again.

The Service Charge of 99 USD for each Canadian eTa application is required to pay the Government border protection fee (CAD7.00) and to pay the offered processing service fee.