After you apply: Next steps

What after the completion of an eTA application form?

Normally an ETA application only needs a few minutes of processing. Some applications might need some extra time depending on the applicant provided information and its validation. The complete procedure would be sent to you by email.

If you happen to change your personal provided email address due to some reason please inform visa office as soon as possible for you ETA application process to continue without a trouble.

Receiving Canadian eTA:

If your eTA application is accepted, you would be informed by an email to the email address provided with the application. ETA is directly linked to the passport used for the application, so it would be mandatory to showcase your passport when asked for but particularly for air travel.

Normally an eTA is valid for an authorized 6 months visit to Canada, in case a person want's extension in his travel authorization he has to apply for it.

An eTA is valid for 5 years after its application got accepted, also depending on the validity of the passport it was linked to i.e. if the passport is still valid.

Visa office can request following documents for validating your entry in Canada:

A medical examination
Sometimes a medical examination is required in order for you to get permission of traveling to Canada. A medical certificate assuring of some medical examination from a medical center would do the job.

Criminal record check
In order to assure that no one with a criminal record is entering Canada, Visa office sometimes might ask for a Police certificate of you or your family members above 18. Visa office will inform you via email whether you need a police certificate or not.

Even though an interview is not really necessary every time but if the visa office considers it, they will inform you of the date and place where the interview will take place.

Return of your documents

All your personal documents would be returned after performing the necessary validation and checks. But this should be kept in mind that original bank statements won't be returned by the visa office. Same is for fake documents

Application approved

Your visa would be stamped inside of your passport once your application is approved.

Application denied

In case your application is not accepted due to some problem the visa office will send you a breakdown of the reason of disapproval.

Change of address

It is necessary for a smooth processing of your ETA that you inform the visa office in case of any change of the information provided earlier such as address, contact details phone number etc.

After receiving your visa

For entering Canada only a travel permit with valid visitors visa is not enough, A border service agent has the right to declare you inadmissible because of any of the following reasons:
  • A major change in your file.
  • You have not update the information provided and they have acquired new information somehow.