Find out about your admissibility in Canada

Since August 2015, requesting an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for visiting Canada is necessary for the foreigners who don't need a Visa for visiting Canada. Having an ETA is not necessary for US citizens or travelers with a valid Visa.

Most of the travelers require some sort of document which permits their entry in Canada this could be an ETA, visa or some other legal authorization papers or travel permits. You need which document depends on your citizenship.

The Requirements:

It is compulsory for a person travelling to Canada:
  • To be in possession of a valid and legal travel document, such as a passport, ETA or such.
  • To be in a healthy state i.e. not a patient of some spreadable viral disease.
  • Not having a criminal record in any state or country or a direct link with it.
  • To confirm an immigration officer of your return by some valid an acceptable reason like family, financial matters or some job.
  • To make sure that your return is intended at the end of your visit to Canada.
  • To be financially strong enough to maintain and manage the expenses of your stay in Canada, related to the area being visited.

The traveller should have following documents with him:
  • A valid medical certificate from a trusted medical authority.
  • Invitation letter from a Canadian resident.

Electronic travel authorisation
Since August 2015, citizens falling under the category of the ones who need an ETA are required to apply for it in case they are going to visit Canada by air.

An ETA is valid for 5 years and is directly related to a person's passport.

ETA's application process is online which saves a lot of effort and is fast and cheap. ETA is also delivered online via email after the payment is made.

This doesn't apply for US citizens, application process should be well planned and the applicant should be in possession of a valid visa.

There are two types of visa:
  • Single entry visa: It allows a person to visit/enter Canada once, in order to re-enter Canada one will need a new visa every time.
  • Multiple entry visa: It allows a person to visit/enter Canada several times within the time period of six months, this type of visa is valid for up to ten years.

How to find out if you need a visa

Some country's passports are not acceptable by the immigration office of Canada; it includes:
  • Passport issued by Somalia.
  • Passport issued by Czech Republic as it not viewable by machines.
  • South African's temporary passport.
  • Venezuela's temporary passport.

For Canadian residents:

Your Canadian residency card is a sufficient document which will be check on your return to Canada on some commercial vehicle, but on some private vehicle you will be asked for some other relevant documents. Keep an eye for the expiry date of Canadian residency card in order to avoid any kind of trouble.

Any kind of participation in illegal or criminal activities could cause temporary or permanent inadmissibility to Canada. Same is for health or financial problems such as providing wrong statement about them.